Friday, December 26, 2008

A Michael Moment

This was about two weeks back and I didn't think even think about posting this up until now. I had a Michael Moment. Basically a Michael Moment, is when something happens and you immediately think of Michael Jackson.

This happened to me in my basement, and I tried to turn on some lights with a pull-string. As soon as I pulled the string small sparks and flames came flying towards me. I didn't cover my face, or even move out of the way so clothes didn't burn. As I watched the shower of sparks flying closer and closer towards my face, I covered my hair. The first thing i said was "My Hair!"
Then immediately felt my head to see if any damage was done to my hair.

It reminded me of this clip from the Michael Jackson movie.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Green Onions & Maggot Brain

I received some sweet vinyl for Christmas.
The first album was Green Onions, the second album is called Maggot Brain.

I've been eyeing the Green Onions album at the record store for the longest time, and now I finally have it. Green Onions was released by Booker T. & the M.G.'s. (Memphis Group) in October of 62'. Its way old, but its classic.

As I scanned through all the funk albums there was always one album that caught my eye, this album was Maggot Brain. It catches your eye because the afro chick looks like she's screaming because she is being buried alive.

You need to check these clips out'

Maggot Brain

Green Onions

Fresh Turntable T-shirt

Check out the fresh shirt I picked up in Montreal

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Butter Rugs Coming Soon

I ordered some new slip mats from ThudRumble.
I actually know nothing about the company, but the website says ThudRumble was founded by DJ's Yogafrog & Qbert.

Butter Rugs are very thin slip mats, great for scratching. My Butter Rugs should arrive at my place next week, I won't be there when they arrive. I'll be on vacation. But when I come home, hopefully my Butter Rugs will greet me with some of my best scratching ever.

Video I found on youtube

On the Eighth day before Christmas

♪ On the eighth day before Christmas, Piranha Records sent to me, two Big Tuck Lp's ♪
I say the eighth day before Christmas is just as good as any of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Piranha Records is the best online store for all things southern.

Look what i got.

Three single's from Big Tuck's underground Purple Hulk album.

1. Tussle
2. T.U.C.K.
3. Peepin Me

The censored & uncensored versions on one record,
then a cappella & instrumental on the other.

A cappella. Its the Big T. U. C. K.

Dirty version of Tussle !

Testing out my new vinyl as soon as i received it.

eBay Store. You need to check it out


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Diamond Life

Diamond Life is the title of Sade's debut album. If you don't know Sade, they're a British group led by Sade Adu.

This is one of my favorite albums its also the first record I ever bought! I think I should frame it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

About Me

As a kid I always dreamt of being a DJ; mixing music and scratching records is all I wanted to do. Because I couldn't afford it, I put that dream on hold...
Til this summer when I finally decided to start DJ-ing. I bought a pair of Technics 1200's , and a Numark mixer.

At first I started playing my mom's old disco records, when I got bored of those I started buying a lot of hip hop & battle records to scratch to. I'm just getting into electronic music now, but can't find those records anywhere in Ottawa.

Right now my music library is relatively small, and my skill as a DJ is low. But eventually both my library & skill will become great.