Saturday, January 31, 2009

UPDATE:: On my Speakers

So Knee

These speakers are too sick.
They don't hiss or anything.

I ♥ Sony


Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Speakers...Kinda

I finally got some speakers! They're Sony.
When I say new speakers...kinda. Meaning they're new to me but not exactly new. These speakers have to be at least ten years old, maybe twenty .. I don't know. Does anyone know ? Can't seem to find any info on them.

Because I have these speakers I'll finally get to use my mixer to its full capacity.
Using the cross fader, up & down faders, and what I've been dying to do...Cue my music properly; finally being able to play a song on the speakers and cue another with my headphones on.

I'll upload pics when i get my camera back

Saturday, January 17, 2009

music from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

The original Super Street Fighter 2 vs The High Definition Remix of Super Street Fighter 2.
It doesn't seem very HD to me, but it does look much better tho.

After browsing the PlayStation Store on my PS3 to find any new demo's and video's I discovered some music from the recently released Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix game.

On the PlayStation Store you can download 5 tracks from the game, I downloaded them all. They were FREE. Life is so much better when things are free. Don't ya think so too?

The Track List
"Fighting in the Street" by The Hieroglyphics
"Warrior Class Bounce" by Zion 1
"Street Fighter Mix" by DJ Touré featuring Mistah Fab
"Lay You Out" by Redman and Oh No
"Super Beat Street Fighter 2" - DJ Qbert

Whaaaat? Qbert's on this? He is the greatest Scratch DJ ever.

For all the people out there with a PS3, Add me on the Playstation Network as Jeremiaaah.
Send me a message and just say you seen my blog , or else I won't ever know who you are.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

FOUND: My Butter Rugs

So I woke up this morning and checked my email first thing, to see where my new butter rugs were. I contacted Thud Rumble and they told me UPS delivered my package to the wrong house, so they sent me a replacement free of charge. My new set of slip mats were in Syracuse, New York this morning @ 3.

I went out early this morning and when I came back a few hours later, my "Lost" package was there. The UPS man put it on the side of the house on New Years Eve, that's two weeks ago. The package seems unaffected, even though its been in snow and freezing temperatures.

What should I do with the replacement set of Butter Rugs? Send them back? keep them? sell them? ...

Butter Rugs package
Some stickers & a flyer for Q bert's Scratch University
My old Stanton Slip Mats
Thick Stanton slip mats
Look how thin this is. My new slip mats
Doesn't this look 3D
Ready for some scratchin' & beat jugglin

Monday, January 12, 2009

out with the OLD, in the with the NEW ... Soon

The mixer I'm currently using isn't that bad, but its not that great either. Probably the most basic two channel mixer you can get. Haven't had any problems yet. I've decided to get a new one. Actually I'll try to find a decent second hand mixer. Buying second hand equipment is great if the previous person took good care of their belongings. Second hand is also good if you're low on cash.

My current mixer

Numark DM 950USB

New Mixer
[my top three choices for a new mixer
1)Vestax PMC PRO 05 III
2)Audio Innovate AEM 100i
3)American Audio QD-5 MK2

The only thing I actually like about my mixer is.. it has USB capability; I can hook up my laptop to my mixer and output my sound through my speakers.

I saw a review online, i don't remember where maybe, and some were saying this was the worst mixer ever. Its the only mixer I've ever had so until i try a new mixer that blows me away its an okay mixer. I definitely want a new one though, more features would be nice.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Step Brothers - Por Ti Volare

Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly do an awesome performance of Por Ti Volare.
Originally done by Andrea Bocelli, an Italian opera singer.

Friday, January 9, 2009



Recently I had to set up a sound system for a family friend. I actually don't know the age of the Sony PS T-15 direct drive turn table, but it worked great nonetheless.

I was fascinated that such an old piece of equipment could still work perfectly after all these years. It had to be at least twenty years,maybe older..Who knows? The condition that it was in was amazing.

Sony products are usually hit or miss, but you can clearly tell a high level of craftsmanship went into the making of this product.

Sony. Like no other.

I did some reseach and found out the PS T15 originally came with the Sony XL-15 XL15 phono cartridge and Sony ND-15G ND15G needle stylus.

Sony PS T-15 with Dust Cover

If you come across a Sony PS T 15, I suggest you get it. Let it take you back to the days of warm, crispy, wax in the morning.

What do you think of the Sony PS T 15 ?
Let me know.

MISSING : My Butter Rugs

I'm finally back, and my Butter Rugs are no where to be found.
My Butter Rugs were supposed to be waiting for me on the door step, but they're not there.
I'm pretty sure I'll find them in the spring. When the 10 inches of snow melts.

This is where my new Butter Rugs were supposed to be.

I'm sure the they're here some where.
Maybe near that bush?

Even if I do find them underneath all the snow,
they're gonna be damaged or probably unusable.