Monday, February 23, 2009

XONE: 02

I just got this mixer.
Second hand, but in pefect condition.
Xone: 02 by Allen & Heath.
It has lots of features and a really smooth cross fader too.
I really don't have anything else to say, just peep the pics

..Then envy me

Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Bull 3 Style DJ Competition Ottawa ::Update::

The event started late, like all events that come to Ottawa.

There were 8 DJ's, 1 of them went all old school and chose not to use a computer at all.
Some were much better then others, some DJ's had great transitions, mashups and beat juggling.
While a few DJ's just played a bunch of music and waited for the 15min time limit to finish.

There were a few 40-something inch tv's that displayed the DJ's name and showed the crowd all their moves.

I was on the guest list, but im not sure the point of it, because you still wait in line like everyone else. Maybe it's just for bragging rights.

I took a ton of pictures but only decided to post a few, anyways I'll let the pictures that are here do the rest of the talking.

(Click the images to increase the size)

The Sponsor
First DJ of the night
D-MASS was doing body tricks!
Kid SL !
Dee Jay Frame
Frame getting the crowd hype
The sickest DJ Booth Ever!

My Nova Scotia Homie


Bloody Smily Face
He didn't win first place, but he was happy to win first choice with these girls

Third place tie between KAEM & DEE JAY FRAME

DJ Magnificent. The runner up. 2nd place
First place goes to DJ KID SL

Friday, February 13, 2009

Redbull 3STYLE Ottawa

Whose the most versatile DJ in the 613?

Taken from the redbull website.

Two Turntables, One Mixer and Terabytes of Tracks. That’s the current holy trinity for 80 of Canada’s best DJ’s as they sort through millions of songs in preparation for the ultimate live party competition, Red Bull 3Style. Taking place in ten cities across Canada, Red Bull 3Style will gather eight top DJs at each stop with the goal of finding the best of the best. The challenge: deliver 15 minutes of sonic infamy that incorporates three genres of music. The constant: the crowd.

I got on the guest list...Gyeaaaaaaaah