Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DJ Dopey & BABU in Ottawa || Lickshots Tour

DJ Babu of the Dilated People's & DJ Dopey the DMC World Champion DJ of 2003 were in Ottawa last week. Thats March 26th 2009 if you don't have your calendar handy.
The event took place in one of the more trendier spots in Ottawa at a spot called Helsinki Lounge.

Resident DJ's D-Mass & DJ J.E.T.S. opened the night, before Notes to Self & DJ Dopey got on stage. I've never heard of Notes to Self but they certainly did impress. I checked out their myspace and their from Toronto, DJ Dopey is their DJ. Babu the man that invented the word turntablist is truly that. A great one too.

Dopey was askin the crowd for Ottawa's best dope; maybe that's how he got the name??

It went down @ Helsinki
I got the same mic as Notes to SelfDJ DOPEY The World DMC Champion DJ BABU the Turntablist
Dopey & Babu in the mix'
I'd hate to be the one to clean that up.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Microphone Shure SM 58

I got a new mic. Its the legendary Shure SM 58. This mic is built like a tank, they're made to last.
Its actually a really nice microphone, It came with a clip to attach it to a mic stand, and a leather carrying case.Leather Carrying Case

Told you it was Legendary.
Must be Legendary, the box even says so.