Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Wrap Up

2009 has been a good year.
Music by Jb had its first birthday just a few weeks back.

In 2009 I...
  • Had my first gig, and started spinning at a local bar every couple weeks since the end of August.
  • Planted music seeds and my library started to grow. Both my vinyl and digital library are larger.
  • Was introduced to DVS ( Digital Vinyl System), and started using Serato Scratch Live.
  • Completed my set up ...for now.

Goals for 2010.
  • Learn to beat match
  • Start recording mixes
  • Continue to practice scratching
  • Continue to practice beat juggling

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sade is Back

Sade is back with Soldier of Love

The second post on Music By Jb was titled Diamond Life, Sade's debut album. One year later I'm back with news of the group's upcoming album titled Solider of Love.

The wait is now over. RCA Label Group are pleased to announce the release of Soldier of Love, the highly anticipated new body of work from Sade. Soldier of Love will be released worldwide on 8th February, 2010 and is Sade's first official studio album since the multi-platinum release of
Lovers Rock in 2000.

Known for their smooth sounds and rhythmic melodies, Sade has enjoyed phenomenal success both internationally and stateside throughout the span of their twenty-five year career.
- Taken from

Listen to Sade's music on youtube through their official channel SadeSME