Tuesday, August 10, 2010

:: Business Casual Tour 2010 :: Telephoned, Holy Ghost! & Chromeo

It's Chromeo*
Chromeo, Holy Ghost! and Telephoned are currently on the Business Casual tour, and they rocked Capital Music Hall on August 2nd in Ottawa.


The duo consists of Maggie Horn and Sammy Bananas.
Maggie provides the vocals and Bananas is the DJ/Producer.

This group is unique because they perform live mashups or what they like to call "cover ups".
Telephoned had great chemistry and they got everybody in the party mood as soon as they opened.

I bought a copy of their Telephoned EP at the show for $5, you can buy it here
Download a free Telephoned mixtape here

Holy Ghost!

Watching them perform Static on the wire & I will come back was epic.
Their recordings are great, but their live show is amazing.

I just found this clip online; it’s not even close to as live as the performance I witnessed. They must have been holding out for Ottawa.


Dave 1 & P Thugg have an incredible stage presence; Even before these guys hit the stage the entire crowd was chanting out "Chromeo-eoooo", and when they got on stage the entire club went nuts . They played all their classics like Tenderoni and Fancy Foot Work + a few new tracks from the upcoming album Business Casual.

Lovin' the Tour Bus*

Fancy Footwork*

*Photo creds to my lady friend.