Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

While You Were On Facebook

While I was on Facebook my homies shot this.
Its goin down tonight!

When I'm not on Facebook I'm learning Ableton.
Been working on a track for two days now.
If I ever finish it, I'll share it.
Be on the lookout for my Christmas mix droppin whenever I get a chance to start workin on it.

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Saturday, November 19, 2011

THE 3% Edits Vol.1 & Mix

D-Mass & JayBizz LeFresh
THE 3%

12 tracks, a mix of well known and obscure disco dopeness.
THE 3% Edits

Here's a mix we recorded using all of our edits

The 3% Edits Mix
Let's Start The Dance - Bohannon (The 3% Edit)
Don't Hold Back - Chanson (The 3% Edit)
Get Up And Boogie - Silver Convention (The 3% Edit)
Boogie Oogie - A Taste of Honey (The 3% Edit)
Me Lost Me Cookie - Cookie Monster & The Girls (The 3% Edit)
Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons (The 3% Edit)
Music Freek - Trammps (The 3% Edit)
This Had To Be - Brothers Johnson (The 3% Edit)
Jungle Love - Morris Day & The Time (The 3% Edit)
Mind Your Business - Manhattans (The 3% Edit)
Tomorrow Is Now - Brass Construction (The 3% Edit)
Well Have A Nice Day - King Errisson (The 3% Edit)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DJ Screw 11 Years Later / Texas Invades Canada

Rest In Peace Robert Earl Davis Jr. aka DJ Screw

DJ Screw passed 11 years ago today but the sound he created can still be heard in today's popular music from artist like the Black Eyed Peas to ASAP Rocky. Some are paying homage while others just want to get ahead.

I believe music can only be Chopped and Screwed if DJ Screw was on the decks. OG Ron C makes sure his music is Chopped up not Slopped up, while DJ Princess Cut has Slowed and Throwed mixtapes; they're not biting. They acknowledge only one man could Chop & Screw and that's DJ SCREW.

This is Real Chopped & Screwed Music


My best man introduced me to chopped and screwed music when we were in junior high; I wasn't feeling it at first, made me think of my Walkman when the batteries were low.

A few years later I started to get down with southern hip hop especially the Texas scene. I didn't care what was playing on BET, I was crazy about mixtapes, and it wasn't unusual for there to be a slowed n chopped version. I started to appreciate the slowed music so much I was feelin it more than regular speed music.

In 06' I couldn't see Rapid Ric & Devin the Dude when they came to my city because I was too young, so a year later when I found out Cory Mo, Rapid Ric, DJ Chill and Bun B were coming to Montreal I wasn't gonna miss out. The 2-hour Greyhound ride was worth it because thats still the greatest show I have ever been to. At the time I wasn't really into mainstream music, so I lost my mind when Rapid Ric & DJ Chill started playin tracks like Tops Drops, N Luv with my Money, and Braids & Fades. Classic Texas hip hop in Canada! I couldn't believe my ears. Then Bun B came on and wrecked the show ( that's a good thing). Everyone in the crowd was singing Drapped Up & Sippin on Syrup word for word. It went down that night.

[Note: The dates on the pics are tagged wrong it was actually October '07]

King of the Trill

DJ Chill & me

I've been wanting to write this for years, probably never would have happened if my best man had not downloaded Southside Groovin off Kazaa back in the day. I'm in Canada and because of the Internet I can enjoy Screw's legacy. From Texas and all the way to Europe dudes have Screw to thank for their success.

Love this song to death, never knew why Bizzy was on the hook but he kills it.

Even though your gone, your memory lives on and on yeah, even though you died your still my nigga.

Rest In Peace DJ SCREW

Monday, November 14, 2011

Murder Mark - Promo Mix

Two weeks ago Murder Mark dropped #Jacked and now he's back with a new hour long promo mix of Baltimore, Philly, & Jersey Club music.

His sample based material is ill, but the original source B'more tracks he produces is where its at.

Visit to stay up to date! Promo Mix (November) by Murder Mark

1.Do The Ayo-Murder Mark
2. 2pac Back- Dj Sega
3.The Carter 4 Theme- Murder Mark
4.Pink Friday Theme-Murder Mark
5. Headlines Remix-Murder Mark
6.Until The End of Time Break- Dj Pierre
7.Un Yeah Wooh(James Nasty Remix)- Murder Mark
8.Azz Everywhere-Jon Kwest
9.Hit Da Ass From The Back- Dj 695
10.Back It Out-Da Yo Boyz(Mike Mumbles and Samir)
11.Bad Bitches Drop It Low-Sheila D Yeah, TT The Artist, Murder Mark
12.My Goodies-Dj Pierre and TT The Artist
13.Hip Hop Saved My Life-Murder Mark
14.Kick Push-Dj Sega
15.U Don't Want No Problems- Dj Pierre and Mike-Mike
16.In My Hood-Dj Benny Stixx Remix
17.Mike Rock- Mike-Mike and Murder Mark
18.Hard In The Pain-Murder Mark
19.Waka's Revenge- Dj K-Spin
20.Pretty Boy Swag- Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin
21.Lets Go Lets Get It- Murder Mark and Dj K-Spin
22.Let Me Show Em(K.W. Tribute Version)-Murder Mark
23.What You Looking At- Dj Reds
24.Go 3-Dj Say Wut
25.Rude Boy- Dj Say Wut
26.Diga Room(Remix)-Rye Rye
27.Go Pop Bang Intro-Mario and Pacman
28.Sunshine(Murder Mark Edit)-Rye Rye and M.I.A.
29.The Beat Goes On-Dj Sega
30.Macho Man Theme-Murder Mark
31.BBMG Anthem- Dj Tameil, Dj Jayhood, Dj Joker
32.Hand On Your Hips Remix- Dj Jayhood, Dj Joker, Lumidee, Chad B
33.Torro Torro(Nadus Remix)-Blue Blouse
34.Carry Out(Instrumental)-Murder Mark
35.I'm Hot(Whats Up)-Dj Juwan
36.Shake His Bush-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
37.Loop That Shit(Thunderbird Juicebox)-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike
38.Let It Out-Murder Mark

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rooftop Revival - Treasure Fingers [Video]

At 24 years old, I still look like I'm 16; I discovered the Fountain of Youth 8 years ago.

It can be found on a rooftop in Brooklyn where Treasure Fingers, Seymour Butts, and Sade are regulars.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Turbo Rockn Party Shittt [ Mix]

Neu Mix from yours truly

TurboRocknPartyShittt by JayBizz LeFresh

Just bought a bunch of tunes from Turntable Lab and as soon I loaded these tracks into my Serato library I started spinning. This is a mix of Baltimore/Philly Club, Electro, Hip Hop, && House.

Not gonna give my entire tracklist out this time, here's a few tracks to feel the vibe.

DJ Sega - Beat Goes On (Free D/L)
GrandTheft - Gangsta Muzik
DJ Illo & Kaem - Every Freakin
Top Billing - Willing
Holy Ghost - I Will Come Back

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Murder Mark Presents #Jacked

Track #4 Loop That Shit Jon Kwest Remix!!!!!
Baltimore's Best Club Music Producer of 2010 presents #Jacked.

Murder Mark Presents #Jacked "The Remix Project". This free release features remixes of some of my hottest tracks by some of the hottest club producers in the game right now. Some of the hottest tracks from my Party Starter Ep and Ayo Volume 2 are "Jacked" by producers such as Dj Booman of the legendary Dew Dew Kids, 2011 Best Club Music Producer Dj Pierre, and Brick Bandits own Nadus. This project is a must download for any fan of club music.!!!! - Murder Mark
Download #Jacked then get these other Murder Mark club bangers!

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