Monday, February 27, 2012

Midi Fighter en Trois D

At first I thought this was just another Midi Fighter, with RGB arcade buttons.
I thought "3D" was added to the name just because everything is 3D nowadays.

Then I checked out this video, and was proven wrong.

It boasts 16 RGB arcade buttons and three dimensional tracking.

Its an innovative concept and I like the color customization of the new buttons.


The 3D'ness would work better if it were a wireless controller. Then again, wireless technology isn't very reliable. So I get why they chose to make it wired. But if you're going to make a wired 3D controller, you should at least include a locking mechanism; Its too easy for the USB to get disconnected.

I have little faith in the 3D tracking. Call me old school, but I think knobs and faders are more precise.

DJ Tech Tools founder, Ean Golden should've ditched the 3D gimmick and upgraded the Midi Fighter Pro with the RGB arcade buttons.

Its innovative but it doesn't seem very practical. I'm not hooked on the Midi Fighter 3D.
It'll go for $250 when it starts shipping in April.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

I entered a battle...and lost  :[

Bitch Ass Niggarrrrr - DJ Class
Headlines (Cobra Krames & Yamez NYCLUB Mix) - Drake
I Run This Bitch - Murder Mark
Bout To Go Ham - Murder Mark
The Ninja Remix f/ Vanilla Ice - DJ Sega
O Lets Do It (Hazardous Bmore Remix) (Dirty) - Waka Flocka Flame
Rack City (Cobra Krames NYCLUB Mix) - Tyga
Grove St Party (DJ Phlipz BMore Remix) - Waka Flocka Flame
I Need A Dollar (LunyP Bmore Edit) - Aloe Blacc
Make It Rain (Schwarz Remix) - Travis Porter
Tryna Dagger - Cobra Krames & WC Kids
Club N Grind - Jon Kwest
My BMORE Girl (GFN Remix)- The Temptations
Sweet Dreams (Dirty Secretz remix) - Eurythmics
Walking On A Dream - Dj Sliink "The Connect"
Bodies hit the floor - DJ Sega
Club Fighter - Jon Kwest

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Marvin's Monday

DJ Mane One has mixed and compiled an all Marvin Gaye mix.
Wanna get down to some break beats? Check out the Super B-Beat Show.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skratch Bastid's Big L Tribute

Skratch Bastid cuts up some Big L in honour of the 13th anniversary of his untimely death.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Check The OR - JayBizz LeFresh edit

Greg Cambell & Tom Green aka Pin The Chameleon & MC Bones are Organized Rhyme
Here's a quick edit I did of their 2011 version of Check The OR

Ottawa Hip Hop Lives

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Me So Horny

Happy #TurboRocknTuesday everyone,
I've been listening to a lot of Miami/Booty Bass tracks lately.
You'll hear the influence in my next few solo & 3% releases.
 This morning I made a club dub of Me So Horny.

JayBizz LeFresh x The 2 Live Crew

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Monday, February 6, 2012


Lunice went in at the Frenzy.
Straights Goods did it proper.

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Ottawa Montreal Scratch Sesh

We've all seen Q Bert's videos of the Skratch Octagon, or even videos of DJ crews working together to make an improv track; I've always wanted to be a part of something like that. Yesterday it went down. The guys from the Ottawa & Montreal Scratch Scene got together and jammed for about 4 hours.

I was blown away by the other dj's, they had some serious skills. I need to practice some more.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anthony Nasty - THE 3%

We're baaaaack. Anthony Nasty is the first CDN Club track of 2012.
Check our new Soundcloud page
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Toronto 2012 // So Far So Fresh

I was in Toronto for most of January.
 This is how it went down.

 Winter in Toronto

Merci ( Thanks )

Porter Airlines is whatsup

MyManHenri, JayRocc, and Madlib were at the Great Hall.
Only caught the Madlib set because the doors weren't selling tickets til 12:30

Yep..That's pretty weak, I made the trek from Ottawa to see the show. In the end everything worked out; my homies and I got backstage and had beers with Madlib. 

I hit up Play De Record every time I'm in Toronto

Get your learn on with the Play De Record Academy

This definitely needs to be framed

I miss my high top fade...So I bought some Kid N Play !
↓ Peep the video 

 Magic Mike & M.C. Madness
The Dynamic Duo
↓ Peep the video 

Compilation album with tracks from
2 Live Crew
Freak Nasty
Poison Clan

Cold Blooooooooded

Ottawa needs Purple Arizona

Mucho Mango Por Favor

Super Boom

Dope D's Lair

Church of Bass [ Work In Progress Version]
Ableton Live 8 & Via Rail = my mobile studio.

D-Mass & I (THE 3%) fixed this up today and now its sounding fresh.
We're dropping the finished version of Church of Bass next TurboRocknTuesday.

Stay Fresh Ya'll


Lunice This Friday @ Babylon