Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tribe Called Red Album Release

A Tribe Called Red Just dropped their album

Get it Here >>>http://www.electricpowwow.com/ <<< For FREE

I'm listening to it right now, I'm really diggin Good to Go, Electric Pow Wow Drum and Wood Carver.

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bigger Pimpin in TNT

SOCA 2001 

My big sister made this tape for me when we went to Trinidad & Tobago last time.
 I'm goin back 11 years later.. yeyeye

There's some good chunes on this! Theres a track on here by David Rudder called Bigger Pimpin; he criticizes Jay-Z for going to Trinidad and throwing money in the streets at Carnival.   

I tried ripping the track but this tape has seen better days.

I couldn't get Bigger Pimpin for ya'll , so I got the next best thing...
Big Pimpin

I'll be back in 3 weeks, Stay Fresh Ya'll

Greyhound Headphones

I just found these on the table in my living room.

Anybody remember these? Are they vintage yet?? How old does something have to be to become vintage?

Back in the day Greyhound used to sell these for $2, because watching a 2 hour movie sucks if you don't have any sound.

The sound quality is alright, I mean for two bucks...How high are your expectations? These are way better than dollar store earphones; Buck or Two earphones were the worst! They sound like crap and only one side was functional! And all dollar store owners are crooks, you can't even get an exchange.

My Greyhound headphones (yeah, I'm officially claiming them as mine now) are dope, they even got the blue spongeees in tact too.

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Freshest Live Set 1.0


The Freshest Introduce a new series of "Live Sets" exploring the further possibilities of performance between dj's and musicians.

The Concept behind this series is to break the normal confines of djing and push the envelope further, with the interaction of the performer and the track being broken down and re-built from scratch.

In this first set, Djs Marvel and Kutcorners run through a slew of R&B and Rap tracks seamlessly fusing in new sounds and elements to remake them in their own vision. Kutcorners supplys the heavy low end, with plenty of synth bass, and MPC pad abuse. While Marvel handles lead duty, taking on keyboard melody lines and cutting up vocals on turntables running through tracks with ease and blending them together in key.