Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Da Streets Ain`t Right / June 27 / November 18

Quick little history lesson from Mr. June 27 

This is the original. June 27 comes from a Kriss Kross track! Can you believe that, I'm dead serious.
They actually got pretty hard on this track, straight gangsta shit! No Jump Jumpin round here!

June 27...Nuff Said. 

I like this, then he starts singing and ruins the track :(

This version goes hard too!

Happy Birthday Demo
RIP to all the fallen solidiers
DJ Screw/ Big Moe/ Hawk/ Fat Pat

Stay Fresh Ya'll

JayBizz LeFresh - Iron Lion

My Iron Lion Remix got posted on Baltimore Club, the biggest site for club music on the internets!
Holy shit, thats huge!!

Persistence is key! I got shut down for 7 months before I got this posted. 
Sure, it hurt a bit, but I didn't give up. 

Keep grindin & Stay Fresh Ya'll

Edit: Im also on Hype Machine

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Angry Birds Theme - DJ Sega


Heard a demo version of this a while back, I wasn't really feeling it at the time. I guess it grew on me!
Angry Birds is the shit!

Friday, June 22, 2012

MPD'ing it up

Just got my hands on this // Something new coming soon

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dubspot x Ableton x Thavius Beck

Dubspot is offering free enrollment to their Ableton 30/30 course for the month of June.
Thats 30 video lessons in 30 days, instructed by Thavius Beck.

Now I know what you're thinking...I have less than two weeks to complete this.
Don't worry about, you can easily complete the course in a day.

Don't have Ableton Live? Try the 30 day Demo
Stay Fresh Ya'll

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hudson Mohawke & Lunice ( TNGHT ) have a new EP comin to a hood near you

A1. Top Floor
A2. Goooo
A3. Higher Ground
B1. Bugg'n
B2. Easy Easy

Sounds like trap music doesn't it? Yep! And they can pull it off // They've been doing it for years, so its cool. They aren't bandwagon producers...yah dig!

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Quit Screwing Around, This Is Real Trap Shit!!


Lately I've noticed an abundance of electronic producers adding trap sounds to their tracks.
I ain't gonna lie...sometimes this can be a good thing. Other times its wack as hell and just comes off as someone just doin it because trap is the in-genre right now.

Seems like I'm not the only one thats noticed the sudden interest in trap music...
Houston-born, Berlin-based producer Lōtic isn’t impressed. Club kids drawing on the sounds he grew up with doesn’t bother him, exactly. It’s just that, to his ears, most of these so called “trap” tracks are soulless, saccharine approximations of the latest Top-40 trap street hustler hit. He wants to set the record straight for producers claiming inspiration from Trap sounds who have no awareness of the history of mixtape-dependent, car culture-driven, independent touring circuit history of trap rap. Rather than bitch on Twitter or simply wait for the wave of interest to past, Lōtic decided to cook up his own response in the form of a phenomenal mixtape highlighting diverse trap sounds alongside his own compositions honoring the experimental tape traditions of The Originator DJ Screw.
- Taken from Vice Motherboard // Check out the full Lōtic interview here

I. Naïveté
        A. DJ DMD, Lil Keke and Fat Pat, “25 Lighters”
        B. Screwed Up Click, “Back Up”
        C. Michel Chion, “Requiem: Dies Irae”
        D. Chamillionaire, “Ch2 Flow”
II. Metamorphosis
        A. Robert Normandeau, “Le Renard et la rose”
        B. Lil Keke, “Still Pimpin’ Pens”
        C. U.N.L.V., “Drag’em ‘N’ tha River”
        D. Adrian Moore, “Superstrings”
        E. Mystikal, “Mr. Shit Talker”
III. Selfhood
        A. Lil Troy, “Wanna be a Baller”
        B. Marina Rosenfeld
              i. “Formal Arrangement”
              ii. “‘I Treated Myself… Like I Knew I Would…’ (Teenage Lontano 2)”
        C. Big Moe, “Barre Baby”
        D. John Cage, “Rozart Mix”
        E. Dead End Alliance, “Heart of a Hustler”
        F. 5th Ward Boyz, “P.W.A.”

June 27 is coming around, I think Im gonna drop a Texas compilation then...we'll see, in the meantime...

Stay Fresh Ya'll

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gig Report #2

Reeeeemix! I really like this ad.

OnDaFlor went down last night! It started off slow, but really picked up later on.
Good music, vibes, and people.

Myself, D-Mass, and our special guest Memetic went it!
We were 3x Dope on the tables!

See ya next month!  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

▲▽▲NT FRESH - Avant Fresh - JayBizz LeFresh

( Avant Fresh )

1. Grindin in the Capital

2. Shooop

3. Iron

1.  The title says it all. Yeaaah, I sampled the O-Train. The initial inspiration comes from Prison Garde's track Tokyo Bullit Train. I later found out my homies from There Are Monsters sampled Montreal's Metro. But what about Ottawa?? I did this track for my city. Ps: OC Transpo still sucks

2. Shooop is not a Whitney Houston tribute.  I started with the shoop loop and before I knew it I had a remix on my hands. Its got a Indie dance kinda vibe to it, at least I think so.

3. I listen to a lot of Club music ( Bmore, Jersey, NY), I even produce some CDN Club with D-Mass under the 3% moniker. Iron is my take on Bob Marley's Iron Lion. Like I said, I listen to a lot of club music but for this track I was listenining to a lot of NY Club to be specific. Cobra Krames kills it!

Hit up Bandcamp for the Wav versions


Don't forget, you can catch me along side D-Mass & Memetic this Saturday @ OnDaFlor

Stay Fresh Ya'll