Monday, August 27, 2012

ONDAFLOR - September 2012


Its finna go down at the Daily Grind!

Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings [ Official Video ]

Its Monday afternoon and you're looking for some NSA fun. Don't hit up the Craigslist personals just yet. Why not check out the new video for Mayer Hawthorne's No Strings.

This is a revamped version of the 2011 Stones Throw release. Does that mean its any less soulful??
Of course not! In fact when Mayer Hawthorne was cookin up this dish he added his signature spice LoadsASoul. 

Stay Fresh Ya'll.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Its been a long time...

Since I left you so here's some dope beats to step to....

I post to Facebook way moar often than here..I gotta change that because I haven't posted on here in a minute! Actually its been a lot longer than that but still..

Here's a late summer mega post of a bunch of goodness ya'll neeeeeed to check out...

In Montreal, Hesk & his fellow Project Crew homies have been bringing Footwork to the masses; every first and third Sunday of the month it goes down at Blizzarts. && Just recently The Project Crew have holdin' it down at Off The Hook; Yeeeah that dope ass clothing spot on Saint Catherine street.

He's got the internet goin nuts for this Montreal Footwork.
Shiiiit, I wanna book him for an OnDaFlor party. I know he'd tear da club upppp!

Murder Mark dropped the third installment to his Ayo mixtapes series on his born day. Shits hella dope. He's known for his original source gutter bmore music. Oh ya...and being 2010's Club Producer of the year.
 If he were Canadian I bet it'd be Eh yo Volume 3.

Stay Fresh Homie

MiniMaxX & DJEJ

  MiniMaxX & DJEJ Are dropping their Servezas EP on September 10th, to hold us down til then they hit us with a free download to their moombahton banger Tempo Got Our Back!
When I first heard this track my thoughts were...

Birth of an Icon is his debut mixtape with Mad Decent.

I bet your like why the hell are you postin Riff Raff on here?? Honestly, I think Riff Raff is dope!
You don't listen to him for his lyrical wizardary, you listen to him because he's entertaining. His bars are hilarious and his style is like no other.

With tactical air-brushed golden skin, unblemished physique/ Rap game Dawson's Creek - Riff Raff

The thing I like about him most is the way he flows. He's from Texas and you can hear it in him too.
He recently got signed to Mad Decent... ( for 3 milli !! ), but I wouldn't have been surprised if he were signed to Swisha House. He flows like the Houston greats of the 90's.

Download Birth of an Icon right herrrre

The big homie and other half of THE 3%; D-Mass recently dropped Graduate, its an EP he completed in '06, but only recently decided to share with us. Peeps have said "If he did this in '06, you can only imagine what he's capable of doing now". 

Its an instrumental Hip Hop EP; at times it has a DJ Shadow downtempo dopeness feel to it, other times it hits you like some J Dilla/Flying Lotus lose your mind kinda shit. It features collaborations with David “Mr. Thirsty” Hooper, DJ Chris International, The Track Mongers and Andrea Simms-Karp.

I got my copy, did you get yours yet? If not...Holla at me / him..It's only $10 for the CD!
CD's not your thing? Hit up Bandcamp for the digi copy.

Peep the video for On Hold 

Catch me with D-Mass @ OnDaFlor Saturday September 8th with special guest DJ Jon Deck of the GRIND party & Droppin Science

Its finna go dooown..til then

Stay Fresh Ya'll