Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

Better late than never. My annual wrap up. Here's last years.

In 2012 I planned to....
  • Get out there and get some gigs
  • Step up my DJ/production game 
  • Increase readership on here / Get more social media followers
  • Network my ass off 

So what did I do in 2012??

  • I got out there and started spinning with D-Mass. We threw the ONDAFLOR parties every month.
  •  (Next one is in a couple weeks!)
  • I definitely stepped up dj/production game;
    My mixes, remixes and edits were posted to numerous websites, I was featured on a record pool, and I won several dj battles . 
  • The number of followers I have on soundcloud, facebook, and twitter increased significantly.  
  • I came short on networking my ass off. I did some networking, and more djs, promoters, bloggers and the general public know who I am but I feel I didn't network as much as I'd like to.
Whats in store for 2013??
  • Get more gigs! And spin in some bigger venues.
  • Step up my dj game; Im producing and remixing in Ableton but its time I learn to dj with Ableton and take advantage of The Bridge. 
  • Step up my production game, and release a track or ep on a label.
  • Release more original work
  • Collab with more djs & producers.
  • Network my ass, for real this time!
Once again, I know my goals are attainable I just gotta put in work.


In other news, I got hit with yet another Soundcloud copyright notice. I took down all my edits, remixes, and mixes. So I'll be focusing on originals for the next little while. Its not so bad, I wanna release some original work anyways.

Stay Fresh Ya'll