Sunday, January 12, 2014


Artwork by Dominic Laporte 

The Get Fresh EP will be released by the Ottawa label Spins & Needles real soon.
Its an original 4-track EP that's getting a digital and cassette release.
Mastering magic was done by the funky technician Greg Records.
Dominic Laporte came through with some awwsome artwork.

Peep that cassette insert

The Spins label boss J Skilz and myself collab'd on Babylon; a track that goes harder than a police beat down at 4 in the mornin. Tick Tock Twerk is a twerk of art featuring Katleeen.
Hit the dancefloor and get your dagger on with Nasty; produced by D-Mass and myself as THE 3%.
The twerking just doesn't stop! D-Mass came through with a Ghetto Bounce Remix of Tick Tock Twerk.

Inna few short weeks you'll be able to purchase the cassette and/or get your download on from your favourite online music pusher ( Stompy, Traxsource, Beatport, etc...)

Stay Fresh Ya'll